Manglik meaning astrology

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A person born under the influence of Mars Mangala as per Hindu astrology is said to have "mangala dosha" "mars defect" ; such a person is called a Mangalik or Manglik.

According to the superstition, the marriage between a Manglik and a non-Manglik is disastrous. People who believe in this superstition think that a Mangalik bride will cause her husband's early death.

What is Manglik Dosh?

To prevent this disaster, the bride may be married to a tree such as banana or peepal , an animal, or an inanimate object. This mock marriage custom has different names depending on the "groom" used in the ceremony; for example, if the bride is married to a clay pot kumbha , the ceremony is called "kumbh-vivah" "wedding with a pot". It is also known as "God of War".

It is the planet which causes energy, aggression, anger, desires etc into one's life. Mars also represents the attraction between two opposite sexes.

Manglik & Non- Manglik Marriage & Remedies

Due to this nature, it plays very prominent role in marriages of people. Though it provides desire and energy within a person, but it can be malefic as well for marital life. It is malefic as it's very cruel planet. It gives fighting ability to the couple which can cause separation and dissatisfaction among them. Hence it plays vital role in kundli matching. You already know how to check if you have Mangal Dosha using our Manglik Dosha calculator given above.

Mangal Dosha Calculator: Check Effect & Remedies

Let's understand what causes it. If the planet Mars is placed in the 12th house , 1st house, 4th house , 7th house or 8th house from Lagna or Ascendant , then it forms Mangal Dosha in one's Birth Chart. If Mars occupies above houses in one's natal chart, then it will be considered as "High manglik Dosha". If it is occupying these houses in any one of these charts, then it will be considered as "Low Manglik Dosha".

Manglik dosha has greater significance at the time of marriage as it is important parameter which needs to be analysed carefully while matching horoscope. By doing so, compatibility between two partner can be ensured in order to have happy married life. It is believed that if a person has any kind of Manglik Dosha present in his birth chart then he may get unhappiness after marriage.

The malefic effects of Mars will be cancelled if planet Mars in your Kundali is being aspected by the benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus. Person may go with many hardships in his life. It may be nullified after the age of 28, according to some astrologers. Sometimes, it is also considered as it the planet Mars is aspected by the benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus, then this Dosha is cancelled in your birth chart.

People born under this dosha suffer many problems regarding marriage.

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They get hard time to find right partner. If nothing goes well in relationship, then it may lead to the divorce and separation.

MANGAL DOSHA - Manglik dosha explained in astrology

However, there are some remedies defined to nullify the negative influence of planet Mars. Let's find below list for the remedies:. Does every Manglik Dosh position in horoscope produce malefic results related marriage? Manglik Dosh results may very depend on other beneficial and malefic planets situated in horoscope.

It means if planet Mars is in the conjunction or looked by any beneficial planets like Jupiter, Venus or Moon can minimise bad effects of Manglik Dosh and if planet Mars is in conjunction with malefic planets or looked by malefic can increase problems related marriage and relationship. No peace in relation with spouse or separation from spouse due to any reason or death of spouse act. It all depends on the position of Mars in particular house and sign.

If functional beneficial Mars is placed in these houses but in a friendly sign, own sign or exaltation sign, without any malefic aspects on it, will not produce bad results in marriage life. You can read all possible results of Manglik Dosh according to Mars placement in different houses.

manglik meaning astrology Manglik meaning astrology
manglik meaning astrology Manglik meaning astrology
manglik meaning astrology Manglik meaning astrology
manglik meaning astrology Manglik meaning astrology
manglik meaning astrology Manglik meaning astrology

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