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Joanne Walmsley, I have been studying numerology very seriously for many years and your descriptions are the most accurate I have ever come across. Thank you so much for your inspirations. Signed, a strongly 9 person with a 6 heart. Best wishes to you. This is Dick and Lenay saying I am a cancer survivor and a domestic abuse survivor. I have three sons, two of whom have juvenile diabetes. I have worked in the healthcare industry in some capacity for the past 30 years and as an entrepreneur. I am now combining my passion for both fields in this blog with a goal to provide helpful information on health, wellness, stress and internet marketing.

My bigger goal is to help fund a cure for juvenile diabetes. We are said to all friend, will get more Healthy tips just follow bellow living with autism healthy-living supplements vitamins minerals wellness swollen ankles swollen feet neuropathy tingling fatigueliving with. Thanks Joanne Walmsley, I am no 6 and the information given by you exactly matching with me. But i am scorpion, want to know more about me.

Can you please help me. I see mostly and alot also which are both related to 6, and is my birthday. I love you Joanne!! This is so very much on point. I have been working deeply on my inner-self and have searched to understand who I am through Numbers. Thank you for your site. Peace and Blessings to you and yours! Thank you so much for such an uplifting and informative and positively radiating read. It was reassuring and alluring and overall fulfilling to read. Near by street is FOX which is June is the 6th month, Saturday is 6th day of week, also named after the 6th planet from the Sun.

Yes, so true!! It's almost creepy. I can't advise myself! I can tell people what even I think is the best advice, which doesn't blame them and make them feel better but is a solution at the same time. But I can't see myself like when I see others I regard myself as a person having no good points. I've always wondered why I can't advise myself about my own problems. Now I know why but what should I do lol. I need to find someone who is also number I know, yes. Thank you for approving my comment, Joanne! So I calculated my personal year number, and was my personal year 6.

Yes, was "very burdensome year. And can't.. He hit my head with his fist. I need help! I don't like to compete and I know this is not good for me to survive. But I don't like winning! I don't feel good in surpassing others mostly. But you write this is one of the characteristics of destiny number 6.

So you say I needed "to realize that creative expression had been missing. I'm not sure because I can't come up with anything! Tell me Joanne. Very much unsucsess. Can any one explain, why all these with me??? Connects above and below, reconciliation, intellectual creativity, discrimination, imagination, union, love, perfection, ability to use the imagination and the intellect combined, relatedness, taking responsibility for choices.

Relates to:. The Lovers Tarot Card. Positive Character Traits:. Negative Character Traits: Disconnected, unaware, hypocritical, moral superiority, weak, unpractical, superiority complex, weak, impractical, submissive, shallowness, restlessness, selfishness, weak-willed, unsupportive, e asily-stressed. The related Tarot card is The Lovers. There is a perfected sense of balance with the 6 vibration.

The number 6 is the 'Mother' number and is essentially a working, building number. It symbolizes responsibility and service which needs to be achieved through love, nurturing and protection. There is an innate desire within the 6 individual to bring harmony, peace, justice and truth to all experiences in life. The personal goal of the 6 personality is to provide for others' wellbeing - to create security and harmony — to love and be loved. People influenced by the 6 vibration are natural nurturers — both male and female.

They derive their greatest joy from taking care of everyone else and these people feel most useful when they are fixing things. If it is too peaceful they don't know what to do with themselves.

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These people are wonderful with children and make loving, supportive parents. Number 6 gives people the opportunity to develop a clear idea of right and wrong — and the consequences that link cause and effect. The 6 vibration represents truth, order, justice and economy. The 6 energy will fight for their ideals and principles, and represents someone who is deeply concerned for others. At times they are deep and serious and have a great inner-knowing. This intuitive energy needs to be developed and used for the highest good.

The 6 needs to find balance between giving and receiving, as the good nature of the 6 can be taken advantage of by others. Domestic situations and relationships are very meaningful to the loving 6, and they view this as their base of stability. They do not like to live alone, but need the companionship of others.

To love and be loved is their desire and to this end all of their attention and activities are directed. Noise, clutter and confusion are not compatible with the 6 energy. They like their world to be calm, peaceful and comfortable. They desire comfort in all aspects — comfortable clothes, furniture, environment and relationships.

This is a must to keep the 6 in harmony and balance. The 6 energy is dependable and reliable, and in return they demand truth and fairness from all, and for all. The 6 energy person tends to put people on pedestals, which then topple much to their dismay. The 6 energy often allows themselves to be treated like a doormat, and they can become easily stressed.

They can become deeply upset and disturbed by the unhappiness and confusion at the outer-world. The 6 energy needs stimulation to keep them moving and active as stagnation can bring on depression. The number 6 person likes to work in a slow, deliberate and orderly manner.

They do not like to be rushed, and demand that their own personal affairs be kept in order. This energy needs to be encouraged and reassured about their efforts, rather than pushed or cajoled. Working too hard and for too long does not harmonize with the 6 energy's sensitive nature, and they need time and space to regenerate and re-group. Perfectly balanced and divisible by odd 1 and 3 and even numbers 2.

Can contact invisible forces and draw valuable information, teacher of teachers, Master of Healing energies, is truth, order, economy, deep inner knowing, service, responsibility. Family oriented with great parenting skills, you are emotional, a peacemaker and a talented healer. The lesson … don't be a doormat! The purpose of the person born on the 6 th is to send out love and to teach others. The 6 Day person loves harmony, music, creating things and group activities. Family relationships are extremely important to them and any profession that assists others with their problems is ideal.

Those born on the 6 th may be diplomats or healers. Positive Characteristics:. Number 6s are trustworthy characters and would be unlikely to take advantage of their position as confidant.

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  • What is the Impact of Birth Number 6 (Lucky Number 6) on Your Life.
  • For this reason many number 6's often dedicate their lives to being caregivers and service providers such a doctors, nurses, healers, counsellors, fire fighters and law keepers. Generous, attractive, musical, creative, kind and with a raw charisma, harmony is important to you.

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    Your challenge is to learn to choose friends and lovers carefully. Your purpose is to help and counsel others. Negative Characteristics:. Number 6s are undoubtedly talented in dealing with the problems of other people, but unfortunately are unable to deal with their own difficulties and obstacles.

    There is a tendency in number 6s to put on a brave face and hide any emotional turmoil. The result of this is that anxieties are not dealt with and are internalized. This trait does not only make the lives of number 6s stressful, but can also make them appear to be inhumane to those who know them.

    People can become resentful of the fact that nothing ever seems to go wrong for number 6s, and they can be regarded as smug and self-satisfied. Number 6s should be more honest with themselves and others about their feelings and should find ways to cope with their personal difficulties. Internalizing stress will take its toll in the future and it is better to deal with it in the present.

    Number 6s are often extremely attractive individuals with a great deal of sex appeal. Although many people may flirt with number 6s and be flattered by their attentions, they may not regard number 6 as the type they wish to settle down with long-term. Number 6s can be seen as too attractive to be trusted. Number 6s can find it difficult to find a suitable partner. They are often drawn to people who project the right image, however, this can lead to disappointment for number 6s if they have fallen for the image rather than the person.

    It may be wiser for number 6s to look for a partner who will meet their emotional needs and who is sensitive and understanding.

    How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

    If number 6s finds such a mate they may be able to begin to deal with their stresses and emotional difficulties. In relationships, number 6s need lots of affection and reassurance, and their partners should be aware that they may be hiding negative emotions. Number 6s demonstrate their affection through making a fuss of their partners on significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

    They are not comfortable in demonstrating affection on a daily basis as they have a deep-rooted fear of rejection. Arguments are unlikely in a relationship with a number 6 as 6s are likely to compromise and negotiate in order to avoid a dispute. Number 6s should be honest if they harbour resentments or ill-feelings and should allow their partners to do the same - discussing these will minimize future disagreements on the same topic. Number 6s within the marriage or long-term relationship realm, are loving, supportive, comforting and accommodating, and make for fair, balanced and stable partners.

    Those influenced by the 6 vibration resonate well with those of similar numerological qualities such as 2, 4 and 8, but due to their good-nature and ability to see the highest good in all, number 6 makes wise, non-judgmental and trustworthy companions and make true and loyal friends and allies. Partners will feel well cared for and nurtured living with a 6 energy.

    The family unit is of utmost important to number 6s and they make proud parents. They should though be wary of pressuring their children to succeed and should not place too much emphasis on academic achievements. Home and Leisure :. They are not concerned with flashy or expensive items, but do like to invest their money wisely. Their homes will tend to be tastefully decorated and display comfort and security. Number 6s, although not creatively talented, have an appreciated of fine arts and beautiful objects, which they will incorporate into their homes.

    Number 6s like to listen to classical music and opera which can be an excellent form of relaxation. They also enjoy reading good quality fiction. The social events that appeal to number 6s tend to be low-key, for example, they enjoy the company and conversation of a few good friends at a dinner or an intimate cocktail party.

    They often make wonderful home cooks, and family and friends can always be assured of a meal or baked treats upon visiting their homes. Number 6s are well suited to pursuing careers involving the arts, dealing, promoting and the like. Their negotiating abilities can lead to a career as a diplomat or personnel officer. Their style, flair and artistic eye can be developed into a career as a make-up artist, interior designer, landscape designer, fashion consultant or beautician.

    Colours :. Green and purple are the colours that favour people born under the influence of the 6 vibration, as they are well-balance colours that reflects harmony and contentment. People with 6 as their Motivation Number want peace and harmony in their lives. They have a strong sense of responsibility for well-being of others. They need to believe that justice is being done and cannot abide injustice of any kind. Negative qualities of people with life path number 6 are: as a matter of fact, there are not so many negative people with life path 6. However, they can become slaves to the needs of others and that can stray them away from realizing their true potential.

    Their readiness to sacrifice themselves could lead to becoming a masochist. They can fall into too much worry and even get sick when they feel pessimistic about what they do. They do lack aggressiveness and they fear conflict even when they need to fight for their survival. Many people with life path number 6 lack self-confidence and often avoid hard tasks. They need to learn how to overcome their inertia and passiveness and never lose their individuality.

    People with life path 6 need to learn how to love themselves, not only to give but also to receive.

    Numerology Secrets: Life Path 6

    Professionally, people with life path number 6 are good in business related to servicing others home business could also be an option for them. Numerology 6 can attract money, but often money comes not for their own needs but for the needs to serve others. People with life path 6 first need to make sure that everyone else is ok and only then they begin to think about themselves.

    Because of that, they could blame their passiveness on others. They can often create problems when in reality it is just the fear to manifest something. If there is a choice for a calm and peaceful life, people with life path number 6 would go for it. They often have good artistic skills and can be quite good in music, dance, art, design and fashion. People with life path number 6 are perfect subordinates and executives. They can be fair bosses, but could be too critical to others due to their desire of perfection.

    They are often very careful in investing money since family is often top priority for them. The main desire of people with life path number 6 in relationships is to love and be loved. If they are betrayed, they lose ground under their feet. Life path 6 often have idealistic view of their partner which makes it hard for them to find a partner for life.

    However, if they find a partner they are very deep and committed. One of their top priorities is to create a comfortable, warm, secure and cozy house where everyone could enjoy harmony and good food. Life path number 6 is good in relationships with other 6 as well as people with life path number 2.

    What is the Impact of Birth Number 6 (Lucky Number 6) on Your Life

    Life path 4 and 6 could work, however they have a very different understanding of what love is. Life paths 1 and 8 would begin to care for life path 6 which will not allow 6 to fulfill their need to care for their partners. Union of number 6 with life path numbers 7 and 9 could work, but it will not be an easy one.

    I hope the information in the article resonated with you and helped you be more aware of who you are. It is important to remember that life path number is only about an overall strategy in life. You are more than welcome to browse Life Script Doctor website for all the materials generously posted for free. As promised in the beginning, here is an example of how you calculate your Life Path Number:. I know much more things about numerology on this artical. Oh my describes me to a tee. At age 61 years old now.

    6 date of birth numerology
    6 date of birth numerology
    6 date of birth numerology
    6 date of birth numerology
    6 date of birth numerology

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